About Us

Bay Waatch offers matchless excitement and promises a wholesome fun time with water slides, simulated Rain Dances and Wave Pools. The mildness of sunrays, the rumbling fountains and lush green landscape blends nature's beauty into a world ready for child and adult fantasies. A visit to Kanyakumari will convince you that its a unique water park for fun and adventure for all ages. Baywatch at sunset point Kanyakumari is also the first seaside amusement park in India. It opened the doors to the public on 5th February 2003. Kanyakumari was chosen because, the spot always presented an unalloyed and unperturbed face of nature, where wholesome family entertainment can find summit expressions. To wrap it all up, the 9D theater at the park would definitely take you to the heights of entertainment! Enjoy all the fun you'd have on a beach without the fear of being carried away by the waves in the WAVE POOL. There are shallow areas for the little ones as well as deeper areas for the dare devils. At Bay Waatch we provide all guest high standard services. A visit will convince you that it's a unique Amusement park for fun and adventure for all ages. It has an array of rides for children, youngsters Designed by World renowned company known for high safety standards. The Park is famous for adventurous rides, technologically safe and a good base for making your visits historic monuments. It Consist of more than 8 rides allowing thrill seekers of all ages to experience one adrenaline rush after another without leaving the rides. It's the perfect place to unwind, sit back and have a great time. Get wet, relax and have fun! Impeccably clean and meticulously maintained, Bay watch is the perfect place to cast your cares away and unwilled totally, splurging in the waters. All the rides offer a safe and relaxing place for the kids to play to their hearts content. So what you waiting for, grab your floating tubes to experience this mysterious crazy rides and much more.